Restored Apostolic Mission Church - History - The Chaos of 1970/71 and The End

The Chaos of 1970/71 and The End

Although the large congregation of Arnhem had reluctantly concurred with the restoration of the old apostolic order of the ministries, she also entertained the sectarian opinion that prophesying was the exclusive task of prophets. When Ossebaar wanted to silence vdp because of prophecies he disliked and found support for this with the prophets, Ossebaar was warned in the word of prophecy that if he preferred their prophesying to the apostolic prophesying, he would get what he desired: the prophets would decline into a Jezebel and he himself into an Ahab. With this it was announced that Ossebaar would be dragged along by false prophesying and the congregations would be dispersed. Within a few weeks already this became reality in Arnhem. In a meeting led by Ossebaar great chaos developed because unauthorised prophets and members of the congregation prophesied commands and callings. This was the beginning of a terrible rule by the prophets that would totally destroy the HAZK.

When vdp was moved to reject what had happened, Ossebaar and the prophets decided to silence him, whereupon he withdrew himself in July 1970. After his departure the false prophesying of the prophets burst forth with full intensity. On their command during October 1970 Ossebaar appointed in Arnhem twelve prophets as 'the Elijah of this time'. According to their own 'prophesying' they would produce a tremendous light and would perform world-shocking miracles. Before the commencement of this meeting a messenger read out a prophecy spoken by vdp, in which all were seriously advised to leave the church-building and that whoever would participate in this folly, would be consumed by fire from heaven.

To strengthen the confused members of the congregation against the false prophesying, vdp was moved to a counter-prophesying, which he regularly sent to the ministers of the HAZK. Because of this the Arnhem fools deteriorated into a great frenzy and they poured out their curses over him and everyone that would oppose them. On Good Friday 1971 vdp laid down his ministry in the HAZK and in spirit reunited himself with the British apostles, whereby he expressed that he rejected the schism of 1863. Dozens of priests and deacons openly indicated their readiness to do the same, whereupon Ossebaar on the command of the prophets deposed them, denied them the admission to the church and robbed them of their salary. When the prophets from the pulpit cursed everyone that supported the expelled ministers and believed the prophesying of vdp, Enkhuizen separated herself and the majority of the members of Amsterdam fled to seek comfort in other churches, or to attend the services that vdp was holding at his home.

Among the expelled were also all the members of the executive of the association 'De Amsterdamse Kas' (The Amsterdam Fund) that managed the properties of the congregation of Amsterdam, such as the church building on the Bloemgracht. The authority to depose and replace these managers, rested with the meeting of members of the congregation of Amsterdam. Without calling a meeting of the eligible members and without notifying them according to the rules, Ossebaar and overseer vdB fraudulently appointed themselves as managers and thus stole the church building and other property.

Now that the resistance had been broken, the leaders of the prophets of Arnhem, WS and vH, gave themselves over to an unbelievable anti-Christian prophesying. Almost every old heresies was poured out over the poor multitude. The Godhead of Christ was denied, He would have been begotten by Joseph; every one would be a little bit god and christ; the concept of sin was a fantasy, for both good and evil were godly characteristics; every one should do what he thought was good and much more of those 'wonderful' things. Whoever believed this 'prophesying' of vH and WS had then properly become a spiritual human being and had no further need of any sacrament. As a sign symbolising this, the Lord's Supper was solemnly buried. With bread on a silver paten and wine in a silver chalice and followed by a number of ministers, Ossebaar proceeded to the toilet of the church-building of Arnhem, reverently tossed bread and wine into the toilet-bowl and flushed them with a solemn 'amen' into the sewers. During a gathering in the church-building of Arnhem vH even got in such a frenzy that he (respectfully watched by Ossebaar and consorts) smashed the furniture on the dais into pieces.

When the prophets had finished their frenzy, Ossebaar and a small remnant came back to their senses. The ring-leaders refused, however, to become Christian again and left. Of the twelve prophets, that formidable Elijah, not one remained and there was nothing left of the altars but smoking piles of rubble, as it had been foretold in October 1971. The remnant again celebrates communion from time to time and with every effort remains silent on all the terrible things that had happened. They call themselves now Hersteld Apostolische Zendingkerk - Stam Juda (Restored Apostolic Mission Church - Tribe Judah) which only consists of a few small groups in Amsterdam and Arnhem.

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