Reserved Matters

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Demography And Politics Of Northern Ireland
... Assembly Scotland Government Parliament Wales Government National Assembly Reserved matters Administrative geography England Subdivisions of England Local ... and Parliament are responsible for reserved and excepted matters ... Reserved matters are a list of policy area (such as civil aviation, units of measurement, and human genetics), which Parliament may devolve to Northern Ireland Assembly at some time in future ...
Northern Ireland Assembly - Powers and Functions - Reserved Matters
... Reserved matters are outlined in Schedule 3 of the Northern Ireland Act 1998 navigation (including merchant shipping) civil aviation The foreshore, sea bed and subsoil and their ...
Reserved And Excepted Matters
... In the United Kingdom reserved matters and excepted matters are the areas of government policy where the UK Parliament had kept the power (jurisdiction) to ... They are also known as reserved matters and act as a guide for which areas are devolved to those three countries and which are not ... In Scotland, a finite list of matters are explicitly reserved in the Scotland Act ...
Snowhill - Planning History - Planning Applications
... then made it clear that they intended to submit reserved matters planning applications for the four individual phases for the development ... The first of these reserved matters planning applications was for the construction of an internal service road, covered car park, piazza deck and a tram viaduct ... City Council summarised the planning application as Reserved matters application for siting, design and external appearance, regarding provision of internal ...

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