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2003 Mutual Fund Scandal - Timeline
... The firms were fined a total of $1.4 billion by the SEC, triggering the creation of a Global Research Analyst Settlement Fund ... May, 2003, the SEC disclosed that several “brokerage firms paid rivals that agreed to publish positive reports on companies whose shares..they issued to the public ... “From 1999 through 2001, for example, one firm paid about $2.7 million to approximately 25 other investment banks for these so-called research guarantees, regulators said ...
Corporate Titles
... company, the person responsible for scientific and medical excellence of the company's research, development and products Chief Networking Officer or CNO ... term for Chief Human Resources Officer (3) alternate term for Chief Networking Officer Chief Research Officer or CRO – Responsible for Research within the organization Chief Revenue ... sales/revenue within the organization Chief Science Officer – responsible for research, development and new technologies ...
Australian Television Ratings - Organisations
... two commercial networks) and Nielsen Media Research Australia, that measure television ratings in Australia ... OzTAM is an Australian television ratings research firm that collects and markets television ratings data ... Regional TAM is a research firm that provides television ratings for regional television markets with three commercial television operators ...
Looker - Plot
... mysterious circumstances, he discovers they are all linked to the same advertisement research firm ... The Digital Matrix research firm rates advertising models using a scoring system to measure the combined visual impact of various physical attributes in ... they still are not as effective as desired, so the research firm decides to use a different approach ...

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    A book is like a man—clever and dull, brave and cowardly, beautiful and ugly. For every flowering thought there will be a page like a wet and mangy mongrel, and for every looping flight a tap on the wing and a reminder that wax cannot hold the feathers firm too near the sun.
    John Steinbeck (1902–1968)

    Feeling that you have to be the perfect parent places a tremendous and completely unnecessary burden on you. If we’ve learned anything from the past half-century’s research on child development, it’s that children are remarkably resilient. You can make lots of mistakes and still wind up with great kids.
    Lawrence Kutner (20th century)