A requisition is a request for something, especially a formal written request on a pre-printed form.

An online requisition is an electronic document, which can be originated by the requester and then using the company workflow or hierarchy rules, can be submitted to the subsequent levels, until it is finalized or approved and then converted to a purchase order. While reviewing the electronic requisition, the reviewer should have the ability to check different parameters of the requisition with regard to the inventory levels and financial controls.

Requisitioning is sometimes a compulsory act similar to expropriation; for example in wartime some governments may (compulsorily) requisition what they need.

A requisition is also a term used in the Principals of Business as an internal document used to notify stores/purchasing department of items that are needed, or that need to be ordered. It sets out the quantity and the time frame. It may also contain the authorization to proceed with the purchase if required items are not available in stock.

Medical Requisition is generally referred to a process by which clinicians (physicians, physician assistants, pharmacists and nurses, etc.) place orders for medical diagnostic tests, medical equipment, radiology exams and other medical procedures. Requisition has been historically initiated by filling out a paper triplicate form, which contains a compendium, or a "menu" of available tests offered by a given vendor. Typically, each vendor would issue their own compendium and therefore have their own requisition forms. Recently, with advanced of electronic medical records, paper requisition forms started to be replaced by the electronic ordering processes and workflows, otherwise known as e-requisition. In the e-requisition process, the ordering process is performed electronically, using the online compendium, often with verification of payer/patient eligibility to receive the payment for the order being requisitioned. For examples of e-requisition and more information refer to which operates the nationwide e-requisition network.

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