Relative Motion

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History Of Special Relativity - Aether and Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies - Search For The Aether
... Regarding the relative motion and the mutual influence of matter and aether, two theories were considered The one of Fresnel (and subsequently Lorentz), who developed a Stationary Aether ... Michelson (1881) tried to measure the relative motion of earth and Aether (Aether-Wind), as it was expected in Fresnel’s theory, by using an interferometer ... He could not determine any relative motion, so he interpreted the result as a confirmation of the thesis of Stokes ...
Modes of Coulomb Damping
... when the two objects are stationary or undergoing no relative motion ... the friction force F exerted between the surfaces having no relative motion cannot exceed a value that is proportional to the product of the normal force N and the coefficient of ... force always opposes the direction of motion of the object ...
San Andreas Fault - Evolution
... The relative motion between the Pacific and North American Plates was different from the relative motion between the Farallon and North American Plates, so when the spreading ridge was "subducted", a new relative ... modern San Andreas will eventually transfer its motion toward a fault within the Eastern California Shear Zone ... either the "Big Bend" and/or a difference in the motion vector between the plates and the trend of the fault(s) ...
Faraday Paradox - Modern Explanations - Using The Lorentz Force
... The metal portions of the apparatus are conducting, and confine a current due to electronic motion to within the metal boundaries ... at rest in the frame of the disc moves circularly with the disc relative to the B-field, and so experiences a radial Lorentz force ... turn its own Lorentz force component that opposes the circular motion of the electrons, tending to slow the disc's rotation, but the electrons retain a ...
Motion Analysis - Background
... This scene point has a position relative to the camera, and if this relative position changes, it corresponds to a relative motion in 3D ... It is a relative motion since it does not matter if it is the scene point, or the camera, or both, that are moving ... It is only when there is a change in the relative position that the camera is able to detect that some motion has happened ...

Famous quotes containing the words motion and/or relative:

    I still think I ought to leave Washington well alone. I have many friends in that city who can of their own motion speak confidently of my ways of thinking and acting. An authorized representative could remove some troubles that you now see, but only think of yet greater troubles he might create.
    Rutherford Birchard Hayes (1822–1893)

    Are not all finite beings better pleased with motions relative than absolute?
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)