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Numerical Software - Generation and Propagation of Errors - Truncation and Discretization Error
... Truncation errors are committed when an iterative method is terminated or a mathematical procedure is approximated, and the approximate solution differs from the exact solution ... Similarly, discretization induces a discretization error because the solution of the discrete problem does not coincide with the solution of the continuous problem ... We therefore have a truncation error of 0.01 ...
Kahan Summation Algorithm - Accuracy
... A careful analysis of the errors in compensated summation is needed to appreciate its accuracy characteristics ... While it is more accurate than naive summation, it can still give large relative errors for ill-conditioned sums ... compensated summation, one instead obtains, where the error is bounded above by where ε is the machine precision of the arithmetic being employed (e.g ...
Approximation Error - Definitions
... value v and its approximation vapprox, the absolute error is where the vertical bars denote the absolute value ... If the relative error is and the percent error is These definitions can be extended to the case when and are n-dimensional vectors, by replacing the absolute value with an n-n ...
Approximation Error - Overview
... One commonly distinguishes between the relative error and the absolute error ... The absolute error is the magnitude of the difference between the exact value and the approximation ... The relative error is the absolute error divided by the magnitude of the exact value ...
Error - Numismatics
... In numismatics, an error refers to a coin or medal that has a minting mistake, similar to errors found in philately ... Bureau of the Mint keeps a careful eye on all potential errors, errors on U.S ... Examples of numismatic errors extra metal attached to a coin, a clipped coin caused by the coin stamp machine stamping a second coin too early, double stamping of a ...

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    Mikhail Bakunin (1814–1876)

    Children, then, acquire social skills not so much from adults as from their interactions with one another. They are likely to discover through trial and error which strategies work and which do not, and later to reflect consciously on what they have learned.
    Zick Rubin (20th century)