Reinhold Röhricht - Crusade Historian

Crusade Historian

As Hans E. Mayer says, Röhricht was "an antiquarian rather than a historian", but nevertheless laid the "foundation of all modern crusade research." According to his obituary in The American Historical Review, "his most important work was almost wholly on the crusades, the eight main works published since 1874 comprising probably the most important contribution by any one scholar in this field." "Nul aujourd'hui", wrote the Revue de l'orient latin, "ne pourrait occuper avec les mêmes titres et la même autorité qui lui la grande place qu'il laissera vide dans le domaine spécial de nos études." His scholarly reputation was such that in 1940 American historian John L. La Monte described his Geschichte des Königreichs Jerusalem as "a masterful history which left little to be desired", although it was written in "ponderous German"; La Monte favoured it in comparison to the recently-published French history by René Grousset. Although the Geschichte is now out of date, Röhricht's other magnum opus, the Regesta Regni Hierosolymitani, remains useful to modern crusade historians; it is a collection of over nine hundred charters and other documents issued from the royal chancery of the Kingdom of Jerusalem, which, until edited and published by Röhricht, had remained scattered throughout dozens of other medieval cartularies. He was also the first historian to collect all the medieval material pertaining to the Fifth Crusade.

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