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Same-sex Marriage In Norway - Registered Partnership
... Norway has allowed same-sex registered partnerships since the April 30, 1993 act, which came into force on August 1, 1993 ... second country to do so, after Denmark, which implemented a registered partnership law in 1989 ... Registered partnerships granted virtually all the protections, responsibilities and benefits of marriage, including arrangements for the breakdown of the relationship ...
Registered Partnership In Switzerland
... Curaçao and Sint Maarten Israel Mexico all states United States CA, RI Civil unions and registered partnerships Andorra Austria Brazil Colombia ... In a nationwide referendum on June 5, 2005, the Swiss people approved by 58% a registered partnership law, granting same-sex couples the same rights and protections as opposite-sex ... registrata" in Italian, meaning "registered partnership" ...
Recognition Of Same-sex Unions In Austria - History
... In addition to introducing registered partnerships, the party was heading towards subsequent opening up of marriage for same-sex couples ... the ÖVP on 1 October 2007, it announced its support for a registered partnership, based similar to the Swiss model ... An agreed draft was released in late October 2007 which would give couples in a registered partnership nearly the same rights as married couples, except for adoption rights ...
Swiss Referendums, 2005 - June Referendums - Registered Partnerships - Results
... most cantons in favour of the introduction of the registered partnerships with opposition concentrated mainly in the Roman Catholic central and southern areas of Switzerland. 1,127,520 42.0 Invalid votes 15,902 – Blank votes 36,110 – Total 2,739,380 100 Registered voters/turnout 4,836,712 56.6 Source Nohlen ...

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