Regina Trench

Regina Trench (Staufen Riegel) was a German trench dug along a ridge running from north-west of the village of Le Sars, south-west to Stuff Redoubt (Feste Staufen), close to the German fortifications at Thiepval on the Somme battlefield. It was the longest such trench on the German front during World War I. Attacked several times during the Battle of the Ancre Heights, the 5th Canadian Brigade briefly controlled a section of the trench on 1 October but were repulsed by counter attacks. An attack on 8 October by the 1st and 3rd Canadian Divisions on Regina Trench also failed; on 21 October the 4th Canadian Division in an attack on the trench with the 18th, 25th and 39th divisions attacking the western part of the trench, (known as "Stuff Trench") briefly captured sections of the trench but were again pushed out by German counter-attacks.

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Regina Trench Cemetery
... Regina Trench Cemetery is a Commonwealth War Graves Commission cemetery situated astride the location of the infamous trench and contains 2,279 burials ... Most of the men buried at Regina Trench fell in battle between October 1916 and February 1917 and the original portion of the cemetery (now Plot II, Rows A to D) was established during the winter of 1916–1917 ... After the armistice in 1918 the Regina Trench location was selected as a "concentration cemetery" with mortal remains brought in from scattered graves and small battlefield cemeteries ...
Battle Of The Ancre Heights
... (zero hour) on October 1, the Canadians again tried to take Regina Trench, in a downpour along a front that stretched for more than a kilometre ... Artillery had bombarded the Trench but the 4th and 5th Canadian Mounted Rifles found that the barbed wire defences had not been cut and the German machine guns had survived and were able ... but managed limited successes including the capture of a portion of Kenora Trench ...

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