Regal - Brand/company Names

Brand/company Names

  • The Reliant Regal, a model of car produced by Reliant
  • The Buick Regal, a model of car produced by Buick
  • Regal (automobile), a United States automobile
  • Regal (cigarette), a brand of cigarettes
  • Regal Cinema (disambiguation), several cinemas of that name
  • Regal Entertainment Group, a major US theater chain
  • Regal Hotels International a hotel operator listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange
  • Regal Manufacturing Company, a manufacturer of fretted musical instruments in Indianapolis from 1901 to 1904
  • Regal Musical Instrument Company, a manufacturer of fretted musical instruments in Chicago from 1908 to 1954
  • Regal Petroleum, an oil company
  • Regal Records (disambiguation), the name of several record makers
  • Regal Zonophone Records, a British record label
  • Regal, a Spanish insurance company also known internationally as the sponsor of:
    • FC Barcelona Bàsquet or Regal FC Barcelona, the basketball section of FC Barcelona

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