Redfield College (NSW)

Redfield College is an independent primary and secondary school for boys from years 2 to 12 located in Dural, New South Wales, Australia. The school was founded in 1986 and is run by the Parents for Education Foundation (PARED).

Each student receives a personal tutor selected from the teaching staff. The tutor meets every two weeks with the student for tutorials, and with their parents every term to review progress and help with goal setting.

Redfield's principle sports include basketball, cricket, rugby and football. Redfield's sporting division is affiliated with the IPSHA (Independent Primary School Heads of Australia), ISA (Independent Sporting Association), and CIS (Combined independent Schools). Redfield's senior Rugby team has won the ISA second division championship four times since joining the ISA in 2006. The Redfield First XI won the Second Division Football Championship in its inaugural year in 2012.

Some of the programmes available at Redfield College include:

The Tutorial System: The personalised tutorial system is a most distinctive means of assisting a student’s academic progress and character development. The tutor’s rapport and friendship with the student and family are fundamental to the educational process. The parent-tutor relationship is a natural means to ensure that home and school work together effectively.

College Mottoes: The weekly mottos are published in the College newsletter and give a focus to the week for each group of students at Redfield; primary, junior secondary and senior secondary. These mottos are aspects of the four cardinal virtues, known in modern terms as right judgement, personal toughness, responsibility and self-discipline. Mottos are often quotations from great people in history giving a glimpse of their character reflected in their leadership qualities. As well as being practical many of these mottos are inspirational.

Community Service Community Service is a growing area in the College curriculum, aiming at bringing out the virtues of generosity and sincerity in every student. Over the years diverse and significant projects have been undertaken.

Student Exchange Programs: A tradition that is greatly cherished at Redfield is the student exchange program. Each year the College welcomes students from overseas schools in Uruguay, Hong Kong, Japan, Spain, Italy, and Taiwan. While in return Redfield students have spent extended periods in schools overseas in reciprocal arrangements.

Father and Son Camps: Every year, students at Redfield can go camping with their fathers over one weekend. The programme is currently offered to the students from year 2 to year 8. The camps are great way for fathers to build relationships with their sons, their friends and the families of the friends.

The 2013 College Captain is Nicholas Augimeri and the College Vice Captain is George Doueihi.

The Current Headmaster is James Burfitt, who as of 2011 suceeds Andrew Mullins, author of Parenting for Character.

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