Red Dwarf Systems

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Planetary System - Types and Attributes - Main-sequence Systems - Red Dwarf Systems
... See also Habitability of red dwarf systems Red dwarf systems orbit red dwarfs, stars which may represent 70% to more than 90% of the stars in the galaxy ... The Gliese 876 was the first such system discovered in 1998 ... Most planets of these systems are thought to be tidally locked ...
Habitability Of Red Dwarf Systems
... Determining the habitability of red dwarf systems could help reveal the likelihood of extraterrestrial life, as red dwarfs make up most stars in the Milky Way Galaxy ... high stellar variation are postulated impediments to habitability, the ubiquity and longevity of red dwarfs are possible positive factors ... As of 2012, many factors appear to indicate that many red dwarfs, smaller than 30% of Sun's mass, have a very low probability for hosting indigenous life ...
Planetary Habitability - Alternative Star Systems - Red Dwarf Systems - Longevity and Ubiquity
... There is, however, one major advantage that red dwarfs have over other stars as abodes for life they live a long time ... Red dwarfs, by contrast, could live for trillions of years because their nuclear reactions are far slower than those of larger stars, meaning that life would have longer to evolve and survive ... in the habitable zone around any specific red dwarf are slim, the total amount of habitable zone around all red dwarfs combined is equal to the total amount around Sun-like stars given their ...

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