Red Cells

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Eisenmenger's Syndrome - Pathogenesis
... saturation in the blood, leading to increased production of red blood cells in an attempt to bring the oxygen saturation up ... The excess of red blood cells is called polycythaemia ... enough circulating oxygen, the body begins to tax the bone marrow (where red blood cells are generated) and dump immature red cells into the spleen and ...
Autotransfusion - Soaking Sponges
... of autotransfusion and provide the best conservation and return of red cells the soaking of sponges is employed ... heparinized saline is added to the basin to prevent clotting and facilitate the release of red cells ... basin, the remaining solution can be suctioned into the autotransfusion reservoir so that the red cells can be recovered ...
Plasmapheresis - As A Manufacturing Process
... set into a satellite container, and the red blood cells are returned to the donor ... Since returning red cells causes the body to replace plasma more rapidly, a donor can provide up to a liter of plasma at a time and can donate with only a few days between donations, unlike the 56-da ... The danger with this method was that if the wrong red blood cells were returned to the donor, a serious and potentially fatal transfusion reaction could occur ...

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