Red-chested Goshawk - Description


Its wingspan is 18.4 to 20.3 cm (7.2 to 8.0 inches) in males, 20.4 to 24.3 cm (8.0 to 9.6 inches) in females. The length is about 3/5 of the wingspan. Males weigh 150 to 235 grams, females 170 to 265 grams. Though females of all birds of prey are bigger than males, this difference is much greater than usual. Adults' eyes, cere, and legs are yellow to yellow-orange. In the eastern subspecies, adults have dark gray upperparts with lighter heads. The underparts are plain rufous and white. The tail is blackish with two or three big white patches. Juveniles are more or less unmarked blackish above and white below.

In the western subspecies, adults are also dark above, but have a grayish throat and barring mixed with rufous on the underparts. They have three white patches on the tail. Juveniles are blackish-brown above and white with heavy brown spotting below.

The most common call is a "ventriloquial rasping krit or sharper whit" given regularly every 2 or 3 seconds. It is given when the bird is perched, especially at dawn, and in flight, and is used as a contact call between mates, in courtship, and for territorial advertising. The male gives a "quieter tchuck or krit" when bringing food to the nest. Other softer, less harsh calls are heard around the nest, maybe particularly from the female.

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