Recruit Sustainment Program

Recruit Sustainment Program (RSP) is a program of the United States Army National Guard designed to introduce new recruits to the fundamentals of the U.S. Army before they leave to Basic Combat Training (BCT) and Advanced Individual Training (AIT). The motto is "Paratus Preliator" (prepared warrior). The program is based on the three traits of combat (Mentally Prepared - Administratively Correct - Physically Fit) and seven traits of character (Loyalty - Duty - Respect - Selfless Service - Honor - Integrity - Personal Courage).

In RSP there are five phases: Red phase (the person's first drill), White phase (from their second drill to the person's drill one month before they ship to BCT), Blue Phase (the person's last drill before they ship to BCT), Green phase (for the warriors who are split-shippers who have completed BCT and have come back to finish their senior year of high school or of college and are waiting to ship to AIT), and Gold phase (they are now soldiers and have completed both BCT and AIT; this is their last drill with RSP before they go to their home unit). While at RSP warriors do various training that will prepare them for BCT (e.g. red, white, blue phase will do the 1-1-1 pt test which is 1 mile in 8 minutes 30 seconds, 1 minute for push-ups, 1 minute for sit-ups, while green phase do the 2-2-2 which is a 2 mile run in 15 minutes 54 seconds, 2 minutes for sit-ups and 2 minutes for push-ups; and other types of various training exercises). All RSP warriors undergo an Army Physical Fitness Test at every drill. This must be passed before you can ship to BCT

Information on RS Detachments can be found on the states' RSP websites, information such as drill dates, newsletters, photos, and the unit’s soldier of the quarter. Such as Pennsylvania's RS Program's website would be

All new soldiers receive the "Battle Book Extreme". This book includes all information that is needed to be successful while attending the RSP. Examples of this information would be important websites, Army Core Values, Military time, Rank structure, the history of the hand salute, the military standards of the height and weight table, General Orders, and what the new soldier will be tested on during the APFT. This information will also be needed for the stripes for skills.

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