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IBM Rational ClearQuest - Common ClearQuest Terminology - Fields
... receptacle for a datum which is associated with a single Record Type ... As a minimum, a field comprises a data type and a name and is analogous to a database column ... Supported data types are ClearQuest Field data types Data Type Description ATTACHMENT_LIST Special field type that allows one or more arbitrary files to be stored ...
Diesel Engine - History Timeline
... by Büchl (CH), as well as a scroll-type supercharger from Creux (F) company ... with a (pre-chamber) diesel engine was Agricultural Tractor Type 6 of the Benz Söhne agricultural tractor OE Benz Sendling ... European Truck Common Rail system with the IFA truck type W50 introduced ...
IBM Rational ClearQuest - Common ClearQuest Terminology - Record Type
... A Record Type encapsulates one or more Fields and is analogous to a database table ... Record Types can be either "Stateless" or "State-based" with the latter being able to transition between a defined set of states ... For example, a "Defect" Record Type used to record software bugs may move between states such as "New", "open", "Assigned", "Fixed", "Rejected", "Reopened", "Deferred ...
Transaction Processing Facility - Operating Environment - Loosely Coupled - Processor Shared Records
... Records that absolutely must be managed by a record locking process are those which are processor shared ... In TPF most record accesses are done by using record type and ordinal ... So if you had defined a record type in the TPF system of 'FRED' and gave it 100 records or ordinals, then in a processor shared scheme record type 'FRED' ordinal '5 ...
XFAT - Technical Design - Directory Table - Directory Entry
... DOS Plus 2.1 supported logical sectored FATs with a partition type 0xF2, FAT16B and FAT32 volumes were not supported by these operation systems ... as they can never occur on the same type of volume.) Bit Mask Description 7 0x80 F1' Modify default open rules 6 0x40 F2' Partial close default 5 0x20 F3' Ignore Close Checksum Error 4 0x10 F4' Disable ... creation time 0x10 2 FlexOS, 4680 OS and 4690 OS store a record size in the word at entry 0x10 ...

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