Record Keeping System

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Andrew Saul - Federal Thrift Retirement Investment Board
... battles with other agencies, along with the costs of a failed record keeping system project" that were all eventually dealt with by the FRTIB ... when Petrick wished to pursue a lawsuit against the contractor for the record keeping system which led to a conflict with the Justice Department over whether the board had standing to sue ... a mishandled computer project for a new record-keeping system, which had been started in 1997 and wasted $36 million ...

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    The dominant metaphor of conceptual relativism, that of differing points of view, seems to betray an underlying paradox. Different points of view make sense, but only if there is a common co-ordinate system on which to plot them; yet the existence of a common system belies the claim of dramatic incomparability.
    Donald Davidson (b. 1917)

    ... many of the things which we deplore, the prevalence of tuberculosis, the mounting record of crime in certain sections of the country, are not due just to lack of education and to physical differences, but are due in great part to the basic fact of segregation which we have set up in this country and which warps and twists the lives not only of our Negro population, but sometimes of foreign born or even of religious groups.
    Eleanor Roosevelt (1884–1962)

    “... But don’t you think we sometimes make too much
    Of the old stock? What counts is the ideals,
    And those will bear some keeping still about.”
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)