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Diagnostic Techniques For Detection of Potato Virus Y - QRT-PCR
... In most traditional PCRs the resulting products are analyzed after the PCR has been completed ... strength and initial sample concentration is not possible using end-point analysis since PCR efficiency decreases as the reaction nears the plateau phase ... Real-time PCR, however, offers an accurate and rapid alternative to traditional PCR ...
Beacon Designer
... Beacon Designer designs highly specific an efficient primers and probes for real time PCR (polymerase chain reaction) assays ... The software currently supports the following real time PCR chemistries for efficient primer and probe design ... The software designs real time pcr primers and probes for complex differential gene expression and allele discrimination assays ...
Premier Biosoft - Products and Services
... The trend in the PCR market was soon shifting towards a new and powerful technique called real time PCR ... Beacon Designer™, supporting the most popular real time PCR chemistries The company later came out with a pathogen detection system called AlleleID® with support for real time PCR and ...

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