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... Reactor can mean Bioreactor, any device or system that supports a biologically active environment ... Chemical reactor, a device for containing and controlling a chemical reaction Nuclear reactor, a device for containing and controlling a nuclear reaction Fusion reactor, a device for containing and ... entertainment company founded by Mike Saenz Reactor (Havok), a physics simulation engine Re-ac-tor, a 1981 album by Neil Young and Crazy Horse ...
Organically Moderated And Cooled Reactor - Organic Moderator - Disadvantages - Reactor Control Issues
... the high negative temperature coefficient is offset by the fact that it also increases reactor control difficulty ... negative temperature coefficient but may cause the reactor to shut down prematurely ...
B Reactor - Reactor Operation
... The B Reactor had its first nuclear chain reaction in September, 1944, the D Reactor in December 1944 and the F Reactor in February 1945 ... The reactor produced plutonium-239 by irradiating uranium-238 with neutrons generated by the nuclear reaction ... It was one of three reactors — along with the D and F reactors — built about six miles (10 km) apart on the south bank of the Columbia River ...
B Reactor
... The B Reactor at the Hanford Site, near Richland, Washington, USA, was the first large-scale nuclear reactor ever built ... The B reactor was fueled with metallic natural uranium, graphite moderated, and water-cooled. 2008 and in July 2011 the National Park Service recommended that the B Reactor be included in a national historic park commemorating the Manhattan Project ...
Organically Moderated And Cooled Reactor - History
... Though this reactor type has been the subject of extensive study, no large power plants using organic coolant have been built ... The Canadians operated a 60 heavy water organic cooled reactor from 1965 to 1985 ... An 45.5 demonstration reactor was operated for a brief period in Piqua, Ohio and was the only power reactor of its kind ever constructed in the United States ...

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