Ray Martin

Ray Martin may refer to:

  • Ray Martin (aircraft constructor)
  • Ray Martin (Australian rules footballer) (1909 – 1989)
  • Ray Martin (English footballer) (born 1945), English association football player
  • Ray Martin (orchestra leader), United Kingdom
  • Ray Martin (politician), Canadian politician and former leader of the Alberta New Democratic Party
  • Ray Martin (pool player), American pool player
  • Ray Martin (television presenter) (born 1944), Australian journalist

Famous quotes containing the words martin and/or ray:

    When I walked in there and I saw you, I realized I fought this war for a reason.
    Earl MacRauch, U.S. screenwriter, Mardik Martin, and Martin Scorsese. Francine Evans (Liza Minnelli)

    An original is a creation
    motivated by desire.
    Any reproduction of an original
    is motivated by necessity ...
    It is marvelous that we are
    the only species that creates
    gratuitous forms.
    To create is divine, to reproduce
    is human.
    —Man Ray (1890–1976)