Rate Determining

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Enzyme Kinetics - Chemical Mechanism
... The kinetic approaches discussed above will show at what rates intermediates are formed and inter-converted, but they cannot identify exactly what these intermediates are ... light on this chemical mechanism, as they reveal the rate-determining step or intermediates in the reaction ... For example, the breaking of a covalent bond to a hydrogen atom is a common rate-determining step ...
Expanded Octet - Structure, Reactivity, and Kinetics - Reactivity - Silicon
... Observed third-order reaction rate constants for hydrolysis (displacement of chloride from silicon) Chlorosilane Nucleophile kobs (M–2s–1) at 20 °C in anisole Ph3SiCl HMPT 1200 Ph3SiCl DMSO ... Measurements of the reaction rates of hydrolysis of tetravalent chlorosilanes incubated with catalytic amounts of water returned a rate that is first order in chlorosilane and second order in water ... Corriu and coworkers then measured the rates of hydrolysis in the presence of nucleophilic catalyst HMPT, DMSO or DMF ...

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