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Destiny Of An Emperor - Gameplay
... other RPG released at the time or since, the non-boss battles of Destiny of an Emperor do not consist solely of encounters with generic units ... While generic enemy units do appear in the game, most random battles are fought against one or more generals randomly selected from those roaming ... After being defeated in battle, there is a random chance that the general will offer to join the party, usually under the condition that the player character pays him a bribe of either money or horses (which ...
Hokuten - Gameplay
... Instead of a generic battle screen, with the player's characters on one side and the enemies on the other, encounters take place on three-dimensional, isometric fields ... Battles are turn-based a unit may act when its CT (Charge Time) reaches 100 ... Charge time is increased once every CT unit (a measure of time in battles) by an amount equal to the unit's speed statistic ...

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    I can’t quite define my aversion to asking questions of strangers. From snatches of family battles which I have heard drifting up from railway stations and street corners, I gather that there are a great many men who share my dislike for it, as well as an equal number of women who ... believe it to be the solution to most of this world’s problems.
    Robert Benchley (1889–1945)

    Assemble, first, all casual bits and scraps
    That may shake down into a world perhaps;
    People this world, by chance created so,
    With random persons whom you do not know—
    Robert Graves (1895–1985)