Raining Blood - Reception


Stylus Magazine's Clay Jarvis said that the song is fit to be the closing song for Reign in Blood, and also noted that the song, along with other songs from Reign in Blood, has "manic, hacksaw guitars, monsoons of double-bass drum rolling and from-the-throat barking—all note-perfect and precise—that still smokes the asses of any band playing fast and/or heavy today." J. Bennett affirmed that the song "still make other metal bands sound like frail pussies". Steve Huey said that it was a classic, and that its "slower riffs offer most of the album's few hints of melody". Erik Hinds from About.com said that the piece has unexpectedly become a ballad. Derrick Harris, an editor of the official newspaper of University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire, said that it had a "blistering solo." It peaked at number 64 in the United Kingdom, where it would stay on the chart for three weeks.

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