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George Devol - Biography - World War II
... to see if they were interested in his ideas on radar technology ... retained by Sperry as manager of the Special Projects Department that developed radar devices and microwave test equipment ... Devol told them that the field of radar counter-measures was about to emerge as an urgently needed defense technology ...

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    As deaths have accumulated I have begun to think of life and death as a set of balance scales. When one is young, the scale is heavily tipped toward the living. With the first death, the first consciousness of death, the counter scale begins to fall. Death by death, the scales shift weight until what was unthinkable becomes merely a matter of gravity and the fall into death becomes an easy step.
    Alison Hawthorne Deming (b. 1946)

    So I begin to understand why my mother’s radar is so sensitive to criticism. She still treads the well-worn ruts of her youth, when her impression of mother was of a woman hard to please, frequently negative, and rarely satisfied with anyone—least of all herself.
    Melinda M. Marshall (20th century)