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Compact Wearable Microphones

Rode offers a range of compact condenser microphones, designed for close miking applications including a headset and two lavalier microphones. The HS1 headset microphone, released in 2010, is constructed from lightweight aluminium and is available in both pink and black versions. In addition to its standard Lavalier microphone, Rode also offers the PinMic lavalier which is designed for discreet miking of subjects. It features a removable capsule head that is connected to the wired base via a trio of pins, which can be placed through fabric to allow the microphone to be placed anywhere on the subject, as opposed to the limited mounting options of a traditional lavalier. Rode supply an unpainted capsule head mesh with the PinMic (in addition to selling separately) for the user to paint or camouflage as required. Rode’s range of compact wearable microphones all use the company’s proprietary MiCon connection system, which allows for the connection of a range of different output adaptors. Rode currently offers nine MiCon adaptors making the microphones compatibile with 3.5mm stereo and XLR standard output as well as wireless transmitters from Shure, AKG Acoustics, Audio Technica, Sennheiser, MIPRO, Audix, Sony and Lectrosonics.

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