Query Optimizer

The query optimizer is the component of a database management system that attempts to determine the most efficient way to execute a query. The optimizer considers the possible query plans for a given input query, and attempts to determine which of those plans will be the most efficient. Cost-based query optimizers assign an estimated "cost" to each possible query plan, and choose the plan with the smallest cost. Costs are used to estimate the runtime cost of evaluating the query, in terms of the number of I/O operations required, the CPU requirements, and other factors determined from the data dictionary. The set of query plans examined is formed by examining the possible access paths (e.g. index scan, sequential scan) and join algorithms (e.g. sort-merge join, hash join, nested loop join). The search space can become quite large depending on the complexity of the SQL query.

Generally, the query optimizer cannot be accessed directly by users: once queries are submitted to database server, and parsed by the parser, they are then passed to the query optimizer where optimization occurs. However, some database engines allow guiding the query optimizer with hints.

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