Queen Elizabeth II High School

Queen Elizabeth II High School is a co-educational comprehensive school in Peel, Isle of Man. It is commonly referred to as simply QE2 and teaches the years 7-11 as well as a sixth form for years 12-13.

The school was opened on 5 July 1979 by Queen Elizabeth II, during her visit to the island to celebrate the millennium of Tynwald and since then has grown to about 850 students and about 50 staff.

The current Headteacher of the school is Ms Sue Moore, married to local radio newscaster Howard Caine. With Ms Cath Bradbury as her deputy, and then three assistants, Dr A.Haddouche, Mr Mark Redmayne and Ms Jo White.

The roof of the main hall contains a significant dip about a quarter of the way along the ridge. Some think that this appears to be a structural problem, but it was actually purposefully done to give the roof a likeness to the bow of boat.

GCSE Manx is offered from the age of 12. One of the feeder schools is Bunscoill Ghaelgagh, a Manx language primary school in St John's.

During the time the school has been opened it has gone under extensive changes and has dramatically increased in size and with this, one new building was opened in 2000, the Forster building, which is home to the sixth form. Then in 2007 building started on the Deans building which was to become the new home for the English Department on the upper floor, and the Music and performance area on the ground floor, this extension also provided the school with a much needed second dining room.

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