Quaternion Product

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Polarization (waves) - Theory - Propagation, Reflection and Scattering
... In fact, since any matrix may be written as the product of unitary and positive Hermitian matrices, any sequence of linear propagation effects, no matter how complex, can be written as the product of these two ... state along that path can be characterized as the (matrix) product of an infinite series of infinitesimal steps, each operating on the state produced by all earlier matrices ... These transformations may also be written as biquaternions (quaternions with complex elements), where the elements are related to the Jones matrix in the same way ...
Cross Product - History
... the component form of both the dot and cross products in order to study the tetrahedron in three dimensions ... Sir William Rowan Hamilton introduced the quaternion product, and with it the terms "vector" and "scalar" ... Given two quaternions and, where u and v are vectors in R3, their quaternion product can be summarized as ...

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