Quant Pole

A quant (quant pole) is a pole used to propel a barge (barge pole) or punt through water. A barge quant often has a cap at the top and a prong at the bottom to stop it from sinking into the mud. On the Norfolk Broads these are called a Bott and a Shoe respectively. A quant used with a punt is about 4 metres long and made from either wood or a hollow metal, so that in either case it floats if left in the water.

On the Norfolk Broads a quant is used to propel yachts, especially those lacking an engine, when the wind does not suit. Large sailing wherries employed a quant pole at least 8 metres in length.

A quant is used not only to propel such craft, but also to steer them by acting as a rudder. The operator of the quant can stick the quant behind the barge or punt to determine the direction of travel.

There is also a popular saying: "I wouldn't touch that thing with a barge pole!" (sometimes rendered as "10 foot pole").

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Quant Pole - Using A Quant
... The angle at which the quant is held depends on the depth of the water and the desired speed of travel ... A steeper angle is required for deeper water (the bottom of the quant must be able to reach the bed of the river or canal) and a shallower angle required for speed ... The operator drives the quant downward and slightly backward to push the craft forwards ...

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