Q9 Input Method

The Q9 input method (Chinese: 九方輸入法), invented by Qcode Information Technology Ltd. of Hong Kong, is an input method that uses only the number keys on a numeric keypad to input Chinese characters into a digital device. It is considered an easy method to use even though it is a "structural" input method. (Most "structural" methods are considered difficult.) It is used on some mobile phones in Hong Kong. It provides an alternative to Cangjie input method as well, as this utilizes the numeric keypad on personal computers.

However, besides its use for cell phones, the use of this input method on personal computers is limited, due to its proprietary nature and that personal computers do not have Q9 input method pre-installed. Since the speed of the input method relies upon using numeric keypad on PCs, this method is impractical for use on most laptops.

Q9 input method is available as a FEP on Symbian S60 3rd Edition mobile devices.

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