Purple-faced Langur

The purple-faced langur (Trachypithecus vetulus), also known as the purple-faced leaf monkey, is a species of Old World monkey that is endemic to Sri Lanka. The animal is a long-tailed arboreal species, identified by a mostly brown appearance, dark face (with paler lower face) and a very shy nature. The species was once highly prevalent, found in suburban Colombo and the "wet zone" villages (areas with high temperatures and high humidity throughout the year, whilst rain deluges occur during the monsoon seasons), but rapid urbanization has led to a significant decrease in the population level of the monkeys.

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Purple-faced Langur - Conservation
... It would be beneficial to lower human-langur conflicts ... Rope bridges could be established for langurs to move between ranges safely, which may decrease the crossing of power lines and roads ... plantations with native species exploited by these langurs, could possibly increase its preferred habitat as well ...