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Grove Academy - Academic Success
... Grove Academy has become one of the most academically achieving schools in Scotland, now being placed in the top 30 after being in the 100's during the 90's. 2006 saw the number of S4 pupils achieving five or more standard grade credit level awards in S4 rising from 45% to 58%, the Scottish average being 30% ... Academy also reported increases in the number of S6 pupils achieving three or more highers with 48% ...
St. Joseph's College, London - GCSE Results
... GCSE and equivalent over time (all subjects) % of 15 year old pupils achieving 5 or more grades A*-C - 2002 58.0% % of 15 year old pupils achieving 5 or more grades A*-C - 2003 63.0 ...

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    Virtues are not emotions. Emotions are movements of appetite, virtues dispositions of appetite towards movement. Moreover emotions can be good or bad, reasonable or unreasonable; whereas virtues dispose us only to good. Emotions arise in the appetite and are brought into conformity with reason; virtues are effects of reason achieving themselves in reasonable movements of the appetites. Balanced emotions are virtue’s effect, not its substance.
    Thomas Aquinas (c. 1225–1274)

    We saw one schoolhouse in our walk, and listened to the sounds which issued from it; but it appeared like a place where the process, not of enlightening, but of obfuscating the mind was going on, and the pupils received only so much light as could penetrate the shadow of the Catholic Church.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)