Puffin Island

Puffin Island is the name of several islands in a number of countries. In most cases the island has been so named because it has - or used to have - a colony of puffins.

Puffin Islands include:

  • Puffin Island, Reykjav√≠k
  • Puffin Island (County Kerry)
United Kingdom
  • Puffin Island (Anglesey), Wales
  • Lundy in the Bristol Channel may also be included, as its name means "Puffin Island" in Norse
United States
  • Puffin Island (Alaska)
  • Puffin Island (Maine)
  • Puffin Island (Washington)

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    We crossed a deep and wide bay which makes eastward north of Kineo, leaving an island on our left, and keeping to the eastern side of the lake. This way or that led to some Tomhegan or Socatarian stream, up which the Indian had hunted, and whither I longed to go. The last name, however, had a bogus sound, too much like sectarian for me, as if a missionary had tampered with it; but I knew that the Indians were very liberal. I think I should have inclined to the Tomhegan first.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)