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Novgorod Case - Timeline - 2007
... A medical examination revealed that Alisa sustained a concussion and some damage to her jaw, lost four teeth, and had minor bruises ... During the examination, the police - promptly called by the neighbours - had Antonina make a written testimony of the events ... On April 18, Antonina was subjected to a complex psychological and psychiatric examination, conducted by psychiatrists and an expert psychologist of Regional Psychoneurological Clinic of Novgorod ...
Political Abuse Of Psychiatry In The Soviet Union - Cases - Joseph Brodsky
... At the very end of 1963, the poet Joseph Brodsky was committed for observation to the Kashchenko psychiatric clinic in Moscow where he stayed for several days ... The judge ordered to send him "for an official psychiatric examination during which it will be determined whether Brodsky is suffering from some sort of psychological illness or not and ... militia be in charge of bringing him to the official psychiatric examination." On 18 February, the Dzerzhinsky District Court sent Brodsky for psychiatric examination to "Pryazhka," Psychiatric Hospital No ...

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    Whilst Marx turned the Hegelian dialectic outwards, making it an instrument with which he could interpret the facts of history and so arrive at an objective science which insists on the translation of theory into action, Kierkegaard, on the other hand, turned the same instruments inwards, for the examination of his own soul or psychology, arriving at a subjective philosophy which involved him in the deepest pessimism and despair of action.
    Sir Herbert Read (1893–1968)

    Indeed the involuntary character of psychiatric treatment is at odds with the spirit and ethics of medicine itself.
    Kate Millett (b. 1934)