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Ambient house is a musical category founded in the late 1980s that is used to describe acid house featuring ambient music elements and atmospheres. Tracks in the ambient house genre typically feature four-on-the-floor beats, synth pads, and vocal samples integrated in an atmospheric style. Ambient house tracks generally lack a diatonic center and feature much atonality along with synthesized chords. Illbient is another form of ambient house music.

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Ambient House - Key Albums
... Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld (1991) Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works 85-92 (1992) The Orb - U.F.Orb (1992) The Irresistible Force - Flying High (1992) Pete Namlook - Air (1993) Tetsu Inoue - Ambiant Otaku (19 ...
Jimmy Cauty - Ambient House, 1988–1992
... Paterson and Cauty's first release was a 1988 acid house anthem track, "Tripping on Sunshine" released on the German record compilation Eternity Project ... Oakenfold brought in the duo specifically as ambient DJs for his "The Land of Oz" event at Heaven ... other chill out music which they described as "Ambient house for the E generation." Throughout 1989, Paterson, Cauty, and Martin Glover developed the musical ...

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