Psion Organiser

The Psion Organiser was the brand name of a range of pocket computer developed by the British company Psion in the 1980s. The Organiser I (launched in 1984) and Organiser II (launched in 1986) had a characteristic hard plastic sliding cover protecting a 6x6 keyboard with letters arranged alphabetically.

The Organiser II can be considered the first usable PDA in that it combined an electronic diary and searchable address database in a small, portable device.

Production of consumer hand-held devices by Psion has now ceased; the company, after corporate changes, now concentrates on hardware and software for industrial and commercial data collection applications.

On an episode of The Gadget Show (first aired on 30 March 2009), the Psion was pitted against the BlackBerry for a place on the show's Hall of Fame. Whilst the Psion was highly praised as a device that pioneered portable computing, the accolade was ultimately given (by host Jon Bentley) to the BlackBerry.

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History - The Psion Organiser
1984 also marked Psion’s first foray into hardware the Psion Organiser, the world’s first handheld computer, in appearance resembling early gaming machines ... In 1986, the vastly improved Psion Organiser II was released ... Its success led the company into a decade long period of "Psion" Computer and operating system development ...
Psion Organiser - Subsequent Hand-held Devices
... The name "Organiser" was not used for later Psion handhelds, such as the "SIBO" family Psion Series 3 and the 32-bit Psion Series 5 machines which were of a clamshell design with a QWERTY keyboard ... architecture and operating system, these had no links to the earlier "Organiser" range, other than the end user programming language which shared a great deal of structure with OPL ...
Open Programming Language
... On classic Psion PDAs such as the Series 3, 5/5mx, Series 7, and netBook/netPad, as well as the MC218, OPL is part of the standard application suite ... OPL is also included in Psion Teklogix industrial handhelds such as the Workabout mx ... The language was originally called Organiser Programming Language developed by Psion Ltd for the Psion Organiser ...