Pseudorandom Generator Theorem - Existence of Pseudorandom Generators

Existence of Pseudorandom Generators

The existence of pseudorandom generators is related to the existence of one-way functions and hard-core predicates. Formally, pseudorandom generators exist if and only if one-way functions exist, or


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Pseudorandom Generator Theorem - Existence of Pseudorandom Generators - Proof - OWF → PRG
... One-way permutation → pseudorandom generator A one-way permutation is a one-way function that is also a permutation of the input bits ... A pseudorandom generator can be constructed from one-way permutation ƒ as follows Gl {0,1}l→{0,1}l+1 = ƒ(x).B(x), where B is hard-core predicate of ƒ and ... that by the theorem proven above, it is only needed to show the existence of a generator that adds just one pseudorandom bit ...

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