Prussian T 13 - T 13


T 13

Prussian T 13
Oldenburg T 13
Alsace-Lorraine T 13
DRG Class 92.5–10
ÖBB 792
Number(s): DRG 92 501–1072
Quantity: 656
Manufacturer: Union Gießerei Königsberg and others
Year(s) of manufacture: 1910–1922
Retired: 1968
Wheel arrangement: 0-8-0T
Axle arrangement: D n2
Type: Gt 44.15
Gt 44.16 (1921/2)
Gauge: 1,435 mm
Length over buffers: 11,100 mm
Service weight: 59.9 t
Adhesive weight: 59.9 t
Axle load: 15.0 t
Top speed: 45 km/h
Indicated Power: 370 kW
Driving wheel diameter: 1,250 mm
Cylinder bore: 500 mm
Piston stroke: 600 mm
Boiler Overpressure: 12 bar
Grate area: 1.68 m²
Evaporative heating area: 112.44 m²

The physically identical T 13 locomotives of the Prussian state railways, the Imperial Railways in Alsace-Lorraine and the Grand Duchy of Oldenburg State Railways were goods train, tank locomotives with an 0-8-0T wheel arrangement. They were primarily employing on shunting duties. Between 1910 and 1916 a total of 512 were built by various manufacturers for the Prussian state railways. As a result of heavy losses after the First World War, another 72 were ordered by the Deutsche Reichsbahn and 12 by the Saar Railways which were delivered in 1921 and 1922. The Imperial Railways in Alsace-Lorraine also had 60 T 13s and Oldenburg had ten of this class.

They were incorporated in 1925 into the DRG renumbering plan for steam locomotives as DRG Class 92.5–10 and given operating numbers 92 501–913 and 92 1001–1072. Of these, numbers 92 585–588, 92 606, 92 607, 92 910–913 were locomotives that originated in the Grand Duchy of Oldenburg State Railways and 92 732–738 from the Imperial Railways in Alsace-Lorraine.

In 1935, locomotives 92 919–950 were transferred from the Saar Railways to the Deutsche Reichsbahn. In 1943 they were joined by a further five locomotives from the Zschipkau-Finsterwald Railway Company with numbers 92 991–995. During the Second World War, numbers 92 951–990 and 996 from Poland and 92 1101–1112 from Czechoslovakia were added. The Deutsche Reichsbahn (East Germany) took over in 1950 locomotives 92 6401 and 92 6501–6504 from private railways. Numbers 92 6502–6504 were T 13s that had been procured directly by the Brandenburg Städtebahn.

The Deutsche Bundesbahn retired the last engine in 1965 at Kassel locomotive depot (Bahnbetriebswerk or Bw); the Reichsbahn followed suit in 1968.

Four representatives of the D-h2t Class 92.10 remained in Austria after the Second World War. These were numbers 92 1052, 1055, 1063 and 1068. The ÖBB retained their serial numbers but grouped them into ÖBB Class 792. All the engines in this class had been retired by 1962.

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