Province of Parma

The Province of Parma (Italian: Provincia di Parma) is a province in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. Its largest town and capital is the city of Parma.

It is made up of 47 sub-divisions called comuni, which have their own elected sindaco (mayor), legislative body and executive body. It has an area of 3,449 kmĀ², and a total population of about 450,000.

The province is enclosed by the Province of Reggio Emilia to the east, the Piacenza to the west, Lombardy's provinces of Cremona and Mantova to the north and Liguria's provinces of Spezia and Genoa.

It will be merged with the Province of Piacenza in 2014 to form the Province of Parma-Piacenza.

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