Protestant Dissenters

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List Of Works By Joseph Priestley - Theological and Religious Works
... No Man Liveth to Himself, a Sermon preached before the Assembly of Protestant Dissenting-Ministers, of the counties of Lancaster and Chester, met at Manchester May 16, 1764.. ... A Free Address to Protestant Dissenters on the Subject of the Lord's Supper ... Additions to the Address to Protestant Dissenters, on the Subject of the Lord's Supper ...
Anthony Ashley Cooper, 1st Earl Of Shaftesbury - Biography - Restoration Politician, 1660–1683 - Chancellor of The Exchequer, 1661–1672
... about enacting the Clarendon Code, Ashley supported a policy of moderation towards Protestant dissenters ... an amendment to the Act of Uniformity that would have allowed Protestant Nonconformists to allow for late subscription, giving moderate dissenters an additional ... in urging Charles to dispense peaceable Protestant Nonconformists and loyal Catholics from the Act of Uniformity ...
List Of Works By Joseph Priestley - Political and Social Works
... Blackstone's Commentaries on the Laws of England relating to Dissenters ... A View of the Principles and Conduct of the Protestant Dissenters, with respect to the Civil and Ecclesiastical Constitution of England ... A Free Address to Protestant Dissenters, as Such ...

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    Though dissenters seem to question everything in sight, they are actually bundles of dusty answers and never conceived a new question. What offends us most in the literature of dissent is the lack of hesitation and wonder.
    Eric Hoffer (1902–1983)

    So the old flute was doomed and its fate was pathetic,
    ‘Twas fastened and burned at the stake as heretic,
    While the flames roared around it they heard a strange
    ‘Twas the old flute still whistling ‘The Protestant Boys’.
    —Unknown. The Old Orange Flute (l. 37–40)