Protected Passed Pawn

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Protected Passed Pawn
... Botvinnik - José Raúl Capablanca 1938 A passed pawn that is protected by its own pawns is called a protected passed pawn ... In the first diagram in this article, the pawns on the b and e files are protected passed pawns ... Two or more passed pawns on adjacent files are called connected passed pawns (see connected pawns), and they are very strong ...
Pawn (chess) - Strategy - Passed Pawn
... g h 1 ... a b c d e f g h White wins with either side to move A pawn which cannot be blocked or captured by enemy pawns in its advance to promotion is a passed pawn ... In the diagram at right, White has a protected passed pawn on c5 and Black has an outside passed pawn on h5 ... won by the player who can promote a pawn first, having a passed pawn in an endgame can be decisive - especially a protected passed pawn (a passed pawn that is protected by a pawn) ...
Private Member's Bill - Canada - Passed - After The 1986 Rules
7, 2008, 81 private member’s bills passed ... succeeded in getting her private member's bill, the "Non-smokers' Health Act" (aka Bill C-204), passed in 1986, (given Royal Assent on June 28, 1988) restricting smoking in federally-regulated workplaces and on ... The bill was passed in a free vote of the House of Commons despite being voted against by all members of the federal cabinet, including the Minister of Health ...
Glossary Of Baseball - P - Passed Ball
... A catcher is charged with a passed ball (abbreviated PB) when he fails to hold or control a legally pitched ball which, in the opinion of the official scorer, should have been held or controlled ... A run that scores because of a passed ball is not scored as an earned run ... Neither a passed ball nor a wild pitch is charged as an error ...
Interstate 11 - Funding
... The bill has passed by the Senate and is passed by the House before the end of June 2012, and it was signed by President Barack Obama ... The legislature passed a law in 2009 that opened the door for private investors to team up with the Arizona Department of Transportation ...

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