Promoter Region

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Gene Expression - Transcription
... initiate transcription, the polymerase first recognizes and binds a promoter region of the gene ... Thus a major mechanism of gene regulation is the blocking or sequestering of the promoter region, either by tight binding by repressor molecules that ... The splicing of introns present within the transcribed region is a modification unique to eukaryotes alternative splicing mechanisms can result in mature transcripts from the same gene having ...
Gilbert's Syndrome - Cause
... the general chronological order of discovery), either of the gene itself or of its promoter region ... The UGT1A1 gene is associated with a TATA box promoter region this region most commonly contains the genetic sequence A(TA6)TAA this variant accounts for about 50% of alleles in many populations ... There are however several allelic polymorphic variants of this region, the most common adding another dinucleotide repeat TA to the promoter region, so that it is thus referred to as A(TA7)TAA, being also called ...
Epigenetics - Epigenetic Effects in Humans - Cancer and Developmental Abnormalities - DNA Methylation in Cancer
... gene silencing, and the genes with high levels of 5-methylcytosine in their promoter region are transcriptionally silent ... Hypermethylation typically occurs at CpG islands in the promoter region and is associated with gene inactivation ...

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