Prodeinotherium (pro - "before" "terrible beast") is an early representative of the family Deinotheriidae, that lived in Africa, Europe, and Asia in the early and middle Miocene.

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6 and, as the primitive deinothere (elephant-like) Prodeinotherium is known from Lesbos, Greece, it seems likely there was a connection between the regions around 18.4 mya ... a mixture of African and Eurasian taxa representative for this interchange the elephant-like Prodeinotherium and Gomphotherium, the carnivorous Anasinopa, the small ungulate. 3-4 and finally in the Balkans and Western Europe during MN 4 Prodeinotherium bavaricum Gomphotherium angustidens Prosansanosmilus mandible Bunolistriodon maxilla Dorcatherium Mandible of Listriodon ...
Prodeinotherium - Description
... Prodeinotherium was the size of the present Asian elephant, about 9 feet at the shoulders, but differed from elephants in possessing a pair of downward curving tusks on the lower jaw ... The earliest species to appear is Prodeinotherium hobleyi, known from the Early Miocene of Kenya, Namibia and South Africa (about 18 to 20 million years old) ... Fossils of Prodeinotherium hobleyi were also found in Jebel Zelten in Libya ...
Deinotheriidae - Evolutionary History
... are known, all belonging to the genus Prodeinotherium ... In Europe, Prodeinotherium bavaricum appeared in the early Miocene mammal faunal zone MN 4, but was soon replaced by Deinotherium giganteum in the middle Miocene ... Likewise in Asia, Prodeinotherium is known from the early Miocene strata in the Bugti Hills, and continued into the middle Miocene Chinji Formation, where it was replaced by Deinotherium indicum ...