Processor - Computing


  • Central processing unit (CPU), an electronic circuit which executes computer programs, containing a processing unit and a control unit
    • Processing unit, in Von Neumann computer architecture, contains an arithmetic logic unit (ALU) and processor registers
  • Microprocessor, a CPU on one silicon chip as part of a microcomputer
  • Graphics processing unit (GPU / VPU), a dedicated graphics rendering device for a personal computer or game console
  • Physics processing unit (PPU), a dedicated microprocessor designed to handle the calculations of physics
  • Digital signal processor, a specialized microprocessor designed specifically for digital signal processing
  • Network processor, a microprocessor specifically targeted at the networking application domain
  • Front end processor, a helper processor for communication between a host computer and other devices
  • Coprocessor
    • Floating point unit
  • Data processing system, a system that translates or converts between different data formats
  • Word processor, a computer application used for the production of printable material
  • Audio processor, used in studios and radio stations

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