Prisons of The Reign of Terror - Conspiracy of The Carmelite Friars

Conspiracy of The Carmelite Friars

After the prison of Luxembourg was "purged" by the process, in the same way, they applied it to other houses of detention. It was still the office of Armand Hermann who caused the denunciations. They brought in front of revolutionary Tribunal the fifty-one prisoners of Prison of the Carmelite friars. The first prisoners of the prison of the Carmelite friars were judged on Thermidor 5 year II YEAR, and forty-six of them were condemned to die on the vague denunciations of the indicators. Among them: Andre-Jean Butcher d' Argis (ex-lieutenant particular to Châtelet); François-Charles-Antoine d' Autichamps (canon with Notre-Dame) and brother of Vendean general; Louis-Marthe de Gouy d' Arsy (former deputy with the constituent Assembly); the general Alexandre François Marie de Beauharnais; Joachim-Charles de Soyecourt; Louis-Armand-Constantin, prince de Rohan-Montbazon; Gilles de Santerre (banking); Louis de Champcenetz (collaborator with the royalist newspaper Acts of the Apostles ). The prisoners of the Carmelite friars were shown to have formed the project to escape.

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