Priority Process

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Lamport's Bakery Algorithm - Implementation of The Algorithm - Discussion
... If the higher-priority process were preempted before setting Number, the low-priority process will see that the other process has a number of zero, and enter the critical section later ... then uses the Entering variable to make the assignment on line 3 look like it were atomic process i will never see a number equal to zero for a process j that is going to pick ... When implementing the pseudo code in a single process system or under cooperative multitasking, it is better to replace the "do nothing" sections with code ...
Local Replacement Algorithm - Overview
... For example, consider an allocation scheme where high-priority processes are allowed to select frames from low-priority processes for replacement ... A process can select a replacement from among its own frames or the frames of any low-priority process ... This approach allows a high-priority process to increase its frame allocation at the expense of a low-priority process ...
Resource Starvation
... In computer science, starvation is a multitasking-related problem, where a process is perpetually denied necessary resources ... is, the algorithm should allocate resources so that no process perpetually lacks necessary resources ... Many operating system schedulers have the concept of process priority ...

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