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List Of Sailor Moon Characters - Nonhumans - Princess Kakyuu
... Princess Kakyuu (火球皇女, Kakyū Hime?) (commonly subtitled as Fireball Princess) is the princess of Kinmoku, a fictional planet outside of the solar system ... Japanese—the suffix sei, when added to Kinmoku, means "planet" or "star." When Kakyuu first introduces herself, she calls her specific kingdom Tankei, a homonym of ... Kinmoku is also the home of the Sailor Starlights, who are Kakyuu's protectors and spend much of the story searching for her ...
Sailor Starlights - History
... In the anime, Kakyuu confirms the male appearance to be their Earth civilian form when she asks Seiya if he "uses that appearance on Earth" ... Before coming to Earth, the three Starlights served as protectors of Princess Kakyuu on Kinmoku ... They state in Kakyuu-Ouhi Kourin they are from somewhere in Sagittarius ...

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