Prime Model

In mathematics, and in particular model theory, a prime model is a model which is as simple as possible. Specifically, a model is prime if it admits an elementary embedding into any model to which it is elementarily equivalent (that is, into any model satisfying the same complete theory as ).

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Prime Model - Relationship With Saturated Models
... There is a duality between the definitions of prime and saturated models ... Half of this duality is discussed in the article on saturated models, while the other half is as follows ... While a saturated model realizes as many types as possible, a prime model realizes as few as possible it is an atomic model, realizing only the types which ...
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Saturated Model - Relationship To Prime Models
... The notion of saturated model is dual to the notion of prime model in the following way let T be a countable theory in a first-order language (that is, a set of mutually consistent ... The equivalent notion for saturated models is that any "reasonably small" model of T is elementarily embedded in a saturated model, where "reasonably small" means cardinality no larger than ... Any saturated model is also homogeneous ...

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