Primary Tumor

A primary tumor is a tumor growing at the anatomical site where tumor progression began and proceeded to yield a cancerous mass.

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Neuroblastoma - Signs and Symptoms
... Symptoms depend on primary tumor locations and metastases if present In the abdomen, a tumor may cause a swollen belly and constipation ... A tumor in the chest may cause breathing problems ... A tumor pressing on the spinal cord may cause weakness and thus an inability to stand, crawl, or walk ...
Cancer Of Unknown Primary Origin - Identification of The Primary Tumor
... reason, doctors can now determine the primary site in about four out of five cases first diagnosed as CUP ... Doctors also have other clues that help them find the primary site The pattern of spread may suggest the location of the primary site ... metastatic cancer appears first in the lower part of the body, the primary cancer is likely to be at sites below the diaphragm, such as the pancreas and liver ...
AJCC Staging System - TNM Staging System
... System is based on the extent of the tumor (T), the extent of spread to the lymph nodes (N), and the presence of metastasis (M) ... The T category describes the original (primary) tumor ... TX - Primary tumor cannot be evaluated T0 - No evidence of primary tumor T1–T4 - Size and/or extent of the primary tumor ...

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