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Polygyny Threshold Model - Costs of Polygyny
... Costs include less parental care and increased competition between females for the male’s provision and food among other resources ... sharing in order to be clear that the term refers to the fitness cost to females that are breeding on the same territory ... red-winged blackbirds that showed that females would mate on territory already settled by another female, which indicated that there was no cost of polygyny ...

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    Recently we’ve been hearing a lot about women “having it all.” Myself, I think that is not really an accurate description of female lives today. It seems to me that what we have been up to is DOING it all.
    Sylvia Hewlett (20th century)

    At the heart of the educational process lies the child. No advances in policy, no acquisition of new equipment have their desired effect unless they are in harmony with the child, unless they are fundamentally acceptable to him.
    —Central Advisory Council for Education. Children and Their Primary Schools (Plowden Report)